Comparing online gaming between tablets and mobile phones

Each and every aspect of our lives has been changed by technology in some way; computers are what we now work from rather than just pens and papers. Not only this, but we also get a lot of our entertainment from our home PCs too. Smartphones and tablets have also changed the way in which we communicate with our friends and family. These devices are incredibly powerful for their size however this is not the main reason why so many people have bought one, the reason is that they are also easy to use.

Companies such as Microsoft, Apple and Google all created operating systems that made using a complicated device very easy and intuitive. With these devices having access to the internet it has become a lot easier and our access to knowledge that you would never have found out about before has become an everyday occurrence. But also it has allowed many people to play games online on the inbuilt browsers. Online casino games are especially popular on mobiles and tablets as they are easy to play and look great on a phone.

There are thousands of games that let you play online on your PC, but very few allow you to do this on mobile devices. Online casino games at sites such as are a great example of this because they allow you to play with others in order to get the real casino feeling. Smartphones are very powerful and so can run the games very well however, you may find playing on a tablet a little easier on the eye as everything will have more room to be displayed on the screen. You may also find that games will run a little smoother on the tablet as they are usually more powerful than their smartphone counterparts.

Do You Know These Poker Phrases?

Do You Know These Poker Phrases?

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There are many different terms and idioms used in poker games. Some of these are basic, but others don't quite make sense to the uninitiated. With so many phrases that can be used, it is difficult to understand exactly what is what if you don't know your way around a poker table.


This is a basic term that most players understand from the beginning. The bet is the initial wager at the beginning of a poker game. Betting is one of the most important parts of poker. If there is no bet, there really is no game.


There are two definitions of the word flop when used in poker. Generally, this term is used in reference to the first three cards that are dealt face up in Omaha and Texas Hold 'em. These community cards can be used by any player. Additionally, this phrase can be used as a verb, meaning to make a hand with these first three community cards.


Whether you are playing online poker at sportsbook or sitting at a poker table, you will need to put in an ante. This is the required bet that is put in the pot by all players. It is an equal bet between all. Though an ante isn't generally used in Omaha or Texas Hold 'em, it will occasionally be used in tournaments.


A draw is a hand in poker that is not yet very good. However, with a draw, the player feels that the hand could be good with a few more cards. Many players will fold on a draw, however, this hand can be very beneficial to those who stick it through.


To call is to match someone's previously placed bet. This means that you are ready to see the cards. Additionally, a call can be a noun and means the matching of the bet of an opponent.


Many feel that it is extremely important to be able to bluff in poker. This means to bet on your hand, when you have a very weak hand or no winning cards at all. Bluffing can help a player win a pot, even if they don't have winning cards.

There are many other idioms and phrases that are used on a regular basis in poker. Knowing your way around these phrases can help you understand the game better. Though it is not required to know the phrasing, you are much more likely to have fun with the game when you know what is going on.

Cable Operators Introduce Hi-Tech TV Capability for Smart Homes

Cable Operators Introduce Hi-Tech TV Capability for Smart Homes
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According to a PRNewswire press release in Boston on the 21st of May, 2012, LG Electronics flexible Smart TV, is all poised to transform the way content delivery by cable operators adding a newer and more sophisticated dimension to smart homes.
A smart home is one that uses state of the art technologies to control lighting, multimedia, temperature, security and other functions and applications. The two smart technologies that usually appear in the forefront replacing electrical or manual operations is monitoring and energy efficiency. Highly cost efficient and very practical, smart homes are the ultimate solution for disabled or senior citizens.

I am quite fascinated by the emerging technologies that can make smart homes more automated and tech savvy. A visit to the Cable Show which presented the LG Smart TV's capability of enhancing the level of interactivity between the TVs and Tablets by bringing live linear programming directly to the connected TVs in the smart homes of the subscribers was mind boggling. I was similarly impressed by the T-Mobile prepaid cell phones, which have very recently introduced the 4G technology to American smart homes.
It was enlightening to observe how the use of Web enabled services could facilitate interactivity across the connected consumer electronic devices being operated in the smart homes of contemporary times.LG will be opening up its Smart TV platform to enable interactions from MSO applications on Android and Tablets based on the iOS technology through the new "App 2 App SDK".
Mobile devices and smartphones can be readily connected by cable operators through the software development kit to build interactive and remote controlled experiences for the inhabitants of smart homes.

The introduction of Smart TV capability by LG in a majority of LG's 2012 TV lineup is now available in showrooms across the United States.