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Smash my PS3

Filed in archive Gaming Systems by Phil Gerbyshak on November 19, 2006

Some publicity hound took the time to purchase a PS3 and then video themselves smashing the PS3 to bits. You can view the video here.

Why would they do this? What are they trying to prove? From the FAQ on
Due to success of the site we decided to take the whole smashing thing a little further, and destroy things right when they come out, in front of 100s of fanboys who would be quite upset to see their beloved game console smashed.

So what do you think? Are you outraged? Do you care? Do you think it's just good fun? Or do you think you could do something better with a PS3 than smash it to bits?

I'd probably donate the money I made to charity, though how anyone spends their money is their business, not mine.

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Tags: ps3  playstation  sony  smashmyps3  humor  video  home  wired+home 


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